Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Types of spoofing

There different types of spoofing methods. They are
  • In Blind Spoofing, the cracker or attacker can fake his identity by injecting data into the stream of packets without authenticating himself.
  • In Non-blind spoofing, by detecting the line for current transmissions the attacker can hijack discussions that have already been built by avoiding any sort of authentication.
  • In Denial-of-service attack, the attacker can send the attacks by disguising the source and making it difficult to close it off.
  • In Man in the middle attack, a malicious or mischievous machine interrupts the packets sent between the two machines without knowing to each of them that their communications have been tampered or manipulated.
  • In Homograph Spoofing, the internationalized domain name (IDN) homograph attack is a means by which a mischievous party may cheat computer users about what remote system they are interacting with, by manipulating many different characters may have nearly (or wholly) duplicate glyphs (glyptic art in the form of a symbolic figure). This type of spoofing attacks are known as homograph spoofing attacks.
In order to get protected from these attacks, Turn off your computer or disconnect its ethernet interface when you are not using it.

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