Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ideas for Creating Modern Vintage Wall Art

In a house or room, blank walls seems to be daunting especially if there are no art pieces on it. There are various wall art options that will help you in creating elegant and cozy look in your house without going over budget. Creating a vintage look in a modern style is a better idea for decorating your home. This article will give you some ideas for creating modern vintage wall art.

Ideas for creating modern vintage wall art

Following are some ideas for creating modern vintage look:
1) Vintage poster
  • Vintage posters are a good option for adding elegance to your room. There are various prints and styles available to in the market. They are also available online at websites like International Poster Gallery, All Posters and many more. Following tips will help you in choosing vintage posters:
  • For getting vintage look for less, choose reproductive prints rather than going for authentic vintage posters.
  • When purchasing posters, see to it that it should be interesting and eye catching rather than looking cluttered.
  • Proportion is always very important when choosing wall art. For the place that is small, look for the prints which can size appropriately. For large space, look for the prints that can easily match with the large scale of the room.
  • Creating continuity in the house by choosing prints with similar color themes and schemes.
2) Vintage fabrics
Creating simpler and affordable wall art by using vintage fabrics is also one of the options for making modern vintage wall art. This idea can be more suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. When choosing vintage fabrics look for the one that will go with the room's color schemes. You can also choose geometric patterns and floral designs for a modern vintage look.

3) Antique pieces
Antique stores are best to find out unique antique and collectibles for decorating your house that creates modern vintage look. If you shop for antiques wisely, it can be affordable too. When decorating with antiques and collectibles, it is a better idea for grouping and displaying them as this will maximize their impact.
Another way of creating modern vintage wall art can be re-purposing the antique dishware set as an artwork for the wall- hanging clutter of desert or dinner plates can create a beautiful vintage wall art.

With these ideas, you will be able to turn blank and empty walls in to a modern vintage and stylish focal point.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Things to Know About Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner keeps the room temperature cold, thereby making you feel fresh and active. It has the capacity to control high temperature. It also removes dust, germs and micro organisms from the air.

Types of Air Conditioners
There are various types of air conditioners available, choosing one depends on the size of the area that needs to be cooled.
  • Window AC: It is a single unit and is mostly used in small and single rooms. It is easy to install and maintain. Compressor, condenser, cooling coil, expansion coil are enclosed in one unit.
  • Split AC: Split AC has two units, external and internal. The internal unit is installed inside the room and the external unit is installed outside the house. The internal unit takes in the warm air and throws out cold air. The external unit throws away the warm air.
  • Central AC: Central AC is appropriate for large areas, it has the capacity to cool big houses, hotels, offices, movie theaters, etc. It is very silent and comfortable.
  • Tower AC: Tower AC is free floor standing unit, consisting of two units - internal and external. Internal unit is free standing and no installation is required, whereas external unit has a compressor that connects to the internal unit. This AC is ideal for commercial purpose.
Working of Air Conditioners
The AC removes warm air from the room or house and throws cold air. The warm air is cooled by cold pipes known as evaporator coil. A liquid known as refrigerant is filled in these pipes. Refrigerant converts liquid in to gas when taking in the warm air and thereby absorbing heat from the air. The refrigerant is moved into another coil that is located outside the house where it converts into liquid by releasing heat. The compressor helps in moving the refrigerant between the coils by changing pressure and making the refrigerant evaporate into gas. The motor uses the energy to run the compressor.

Maintenance of the Air Conditioners 
Air conditioners should be maintained on regular basis for effective functioning. Following are the parts that should be maintained :
  • AC filters: Some filters should be replaced, whereas some can be reused. Clean the AC filters once in two months and if the AC's are used regularly, filters should be maintained more frequently.
  • AC coils: A clean filter keeps the coil free from becoming dirty. But still it collects dirt, due to which the airflow is reduced and the ability to absorb heat decreases. Check the coils frequently and clean whenever required.
  • Coil fins: Coil fins are located on the evaporator and the condenser coil. By replacing these fins by a tool called fin comb the fins will be back into original condition.
  • Condensate drains: If the drain channels are blocked, humidity reducing capacity of the unit decreases, which results in excess moisture. So clean the drains by passing wire that are stiff to check whether the drain channels are blocked or not.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

LinkedIn Tips for Auto Dealerships

If you like many business and professional people, your first attempt into social media marketing may have been LinkedIn. For people in professional occupations, in 2003 LinkedIn launched a social networking website. As per June 2013 estimates, the company reports having more than 259 million registered users in more than 200 territories and countries. On company profile pages, in 2010 November, LinkedIn allowed the business to list their products and services. Now we will see how to use LinkedIn effectively for you auto dealership business.
  • Groups: Join in the LinkedIn groups where your most customers are hang out. Check regularly for what discussions you can contribute with the groups. Within the group, make yourself known to all. Search for more groups to find most relevant to you.
  • Contacts: Import the contacts from your email of your clients. It will help you find customers who are already in the contacts list. If they are already in LinkedIn, it will show those people to connect. As per the details filled in your dealership firm, LinkedIn will automatically show you some suggestions to connect with them. Search for the people those who are connected with your customers and you feel those will be the potential customers, send the request to connect with them.
  • Targeted content: 90% percent of auto buyers research through the internet before they come to a decision on purchasing a car. So you need to have a potential and targeted content to engage the customers properly. As per a recent research, before visiting the auto showroom, 67% of potential buyers visit the dealership's website to get to know about dealership. Post content updates of your on your dealership's LinkedIn page. It drives traffic to your blog, website and showroom.
  • Answer questions: The answers to the questions in LinkedIn help you  as it shows your expertise, establish yourself as a thought leader. Therefore, answer for the questions those are from other users on specific topics those which are related to your products, original equipment manufacturer, or services. Drive those customers with educational content posts in your blog.
  • Promotion of deals: Ability to contact with potential customers is one of the most valuable skills to have. It involves knowing by the fleet sales departments to use with LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows your dealership's sales personnel to find and connect with the decision makers, and people who are influential within a business those who are trying to sell to.
Under your company, overviews page in the LinkedIn add your most popular products and services. There is also a product and service tab in the page you can add them there. You also receive the recommendations from your peers.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tips To Stay Healthy

Worried about your health? Searching for some simple tips to stay healthy? Fed up with suggestions from doctors and health experts? Feeling difficult to implement experts advice? Just relax, in this article, we will discuss some simple tips that will help you stay healthy.

Physical exercise is important: Some simple exercises like walking, jogging, stretching your arms, warm up exercises, walking on stairs rather than using lift, neck exercises, going by bus to office and other places instead of bike ride, can help you stay healthy. Some mindful exercises like yoga especially pranayama and meditation will relieve mental stress and make you stay mentally healthy.

Maintain a diet chart: Prepare a diet chart that includes vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates in it. Plan for the timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By maintaining a diet you will be eating a well-balanced diet and choosing nutritious food.

Have regular master check up: We think that we are healthy, so we need not go for health check up. We may look healthy externally, but internally we may have some problems that cannot be detected. It's better to go for master check up for every 3 months or 6 months.

Proper medication: Even though we take proper care, some health conditions may arouse which are out of your control like diabetes, thyroid problem, high cholesterol, heart attacks, etc. So regular medicine has to be taken, at the same time follow some control steps which can reduce their effect.

Have a trip with family: Busy lifestyle has decreased priority to personal life leading to many personal issues. So plan a trip at least once in 3 months or a weekend picnic with family and friends. Traveling will change your mindset and relieves you from stress.

Avoid things not good for health: Try to inculcate good habits and avoid bad habits. Smoking and drug addiction are the two serious issues faced specially by western countries. They have adverse effects on both physical and mental health. So try to reduce their usage slowly. Other habits like skipping breakfast, going late to bed, etc., should be avoided.

Manage your stress: This is very important for mental wellness. Work on things you like, have pleasant living, avoid communication with people who always create conflicts.

Involve in activities you like most: Activities such as sports, dancing, kick boxing, social welfare activities, or anything that you enjoy the most and feel refreshed should be part of your daily schedule.

Reading books: If you don’t want to involve in other activities, try to inculcate a habit of reading books. They can be magazines, comic books, informative books, etc. Reading books will give you information, inspiration, happiness and positive energy.

Try these tips to have to healthy and peaceful life.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Deficiency Associated with Micronutrients

Are you getting enough micronutrients for your body? If not try to include foods to make them to normal levels, as deficiency of these micronutrients have major effects on your health.

Here is the list of deficiency of each micronutrient and their consequences.

Deficiency of vitamins
  • Vitamin A deficiency – Major effect of vitamin A deficiency is seen in case of vision. People with this deficiency face a problem of night blindness that is they cannot see properly in dim light. If deficiency is prolonged , it may lead to complete loss of vision through out life. Some other effects include protruding of eyes, diarrhea etc.
  • Vitamin D deficiency – The major effect is seen in bones. This vitamin has vital role in calcium absorption and its deposition on bones to give strength to bones. In children , if deficiency is seen in early stages, it leads to improper and deformed bones, a condition called 'Rickets'. In adults , specially in menopause stage for women and above 50 years in men, it leads to 'osteoporosis'. This condition results due to softening of bones because of loss of calcium from bones.
  • Vitamin E deficiency – Deficiency of this vitamin is rare. But still, if deficiency occurs, it leads to infertility in men. It works as anti oxidant, so cells may not be protected from UV damage due to loss of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin K deficiency – It has a role in blood clotting. Because of this vitamin deficiency, clotting factors are released slow to the site of injury, as a result there is a delay in blood clotting leading to excessive blood loss.
  • Vitamin B deficiency – This complex provides energy to the whole body and involve in various metabolic processes that produce proteins, fats, carbohydrates for our body. Any deficiency lead to imbalance of these processes. They also help in managing stress levels. Folate of this complex is important for pregnant women, deficiency of which leads to spinal defects in new born. It gives skin a scaly appearance.
  • Vitamin C – We can say it as anti oxidant vitamin. It protects cells from being damaged by different chemicals released or from exterior. Major deficiency results in 'scurvy', characterized by scaly appearance of skin, rashes on skin, dryness.
Deficiency of minerals
  • Iron deficiency – This is more than deficiency of any other nutrients. Iron helps haemoglobin to carry oxygen to all parts of our body. Deficiency of iron results in poor carrying capacity of oxygen. Major impact faced is anemia that is, low red blood cells production as a result oxygen is carried less resulting in shortening of breathing sometimes leading to death.
  • Iodine – This is another mineral that has great impact on health. Iodine is important to produce thyroid hormone which has a crucial role in growth and development. In normal people, deficiency of iodine will enlarge thyroid gland(goiter). In case of pregnant women, deficiency of iodine will alter thyroid levels which has effect on growth of baby. It results either in premature baby or baby born with some defects.                                                                                                                            
  • Calcium – It helps get healthy bones and teeth. Apart from this, it has a role in acting as signal for many hormones, maintains heart's health, involved in blood clotting process, helps maintain cholesterol levels normal. Deficiency of this mineral will alter all the above processes leading to imbalance in the body.
  • Chromium – It maintains normal glucose levels in the body by controlling insulin hormone. Deficiency of this mineral will alter glucose levels in the body sometimes may lead to diabetes.
  • Sodium – It  works along with potassium. Both work as electrolytes to maintain water balance in the body for healthy heart and kidneys. In case of deficiency, levels of these electrolytes are altered resulting in dehydration (loss of water), a serious issue which leads to kidney failure too.
  • Magnesium – Very important for to maintain calcium and levels in bones. Along with association of vitamin B6, it has the ability to dissolve stones of small size in kidneys.
  • Copper – Copper plays a vital role in elderly people, prevents loss of calcium from bones, preventing softening of bones.
  • Zinc – It works along with vitamin B complex. It is essential for development of sex organs. Deficiency leads to improper growth of these organs. It also helps in giving energy to the body.

Friday, September 13, 2013

How to Protect Your Plants During a Summer

Particularly in summer, with extreme hot conditions plants suffer dry and needs special attention or care. However, extreme hard conditions may not last long but makes plants dead or dry. From such harsh heat, try to follow the below tips to protect your plants.
  • In summer, your potted plants are more likely to lose water. In order to prevent the evaporation of water from the pot, try to keep potted plants nearer to the thicker trees or cover the pot with thick layer of chopped hey/straw. Straw will prevent the soil from drying up and helps to keep the soil moisture. From this, roots doesn't get damaged.
  • You can also put coconut fiber on the top of the soil in the potted plant. This fibre keeps soil moisture in the pot.
  • Another method to protect your plants is covering pots with netted shade sails.
  • Never keep your potted plants on the radiated surfaces like cement, tiles, granite. These surfaces will sear the plants.
  • Water the ground or surrounding areas of the potted plant. By doing this, your plants don't get dried.
  • Roots get distressed in the high heat. So always water the plant in early mornings or at night. This prevents evaporation.
  • Use sprinklers to water your plants.
  • Stop fertilizing and pruning your plants in summer even though they both are encouraging plants to grow.
  • Don't supply or provide more water to your plants. This may stop the plant growth.
  • You can also keep your potted plants in a tray full of water. Roots get moisture from this water and stays healthy.
Last but not the least, try to grow the plants according to their nature.

Counter-Top Materials: Choose One That Best Suits Your Needs

Counter-tops add value to your kitchen as well as it is considered an important workplace for households in the kitchen. Many types of counter-tops are available that sometimes you may confuse what to choose. Below are some of the kitchen counter-top materials properties. Look at it.

Ceramic tile: Number of options are available in these materials with variety of colors and patterns. However, the strains or food spills that fell on these tiles can be easily removed. Most use these materials for their bath-rooms. The drawback here is, these materials easily crack and are not durable for many years.

Granite: Granite is best suited for counter-tops but these are expensive. These counter-tops are durable and offer value addition to your home. In these materials, you can get different patterns or plain finish material.

Marble: These materials are less expensive than granite but these carries cracks. These materials has less resistant features to strains and scratches. Therefore, these materials are less efficient than marble.

Laminate: These materials are available at inexpensive rates and requires lower maintenance. One disadvantage is, if this material is exposed to moisture for a long time, it may easily be dissolved and warp into the sub-surface.

Concrete: These counter-tops are mostly used in bath-rooms for contemporary decorating. You can have your personalized design styles in it. However, these materials require regular sealing to prevent from absorbing moisture.

Glass counter-tops: These counter-tops look great but you need to deal with extra care. These are available in rectangular shapes with the required thickness. However, avoid using these counter-tops in homes with kids. You can get strains and scratches easily.

The above are some of the counter-top materials which are commonly used in homes. For more varieties to get, shop around.

Things to Consider Before Renovating Your House

Renovating your house is a good idea if you want to update your house to a latest trends without leaving the community where you are staying. By renovating, you can add many rooms to your house as well as change the entire look of your house with a few modifications. Sometimes renovating involves major things to modify which require huge finances.

However, if you are decided to renovate your house, then you need to consider the below things:
  • First, every home owner should assess whether he/she can stand up to the project requirements. For example, to renovate a house, a person should have patience, budget, and time. If these 3 things are not there, then the project will be left in the middle.
  • Decide whether you want to stay in the renovated home for a longer period or temporarily. Investing a lot for short term staying is not recommended. If you want to stay for a long time, it is recommended.
  • Before you call for a contractor, you should have a basic idea on which part of a house need renovation and the reasons for changing it. By doing so, you can explain clearly to the contractor.
  • You must have a clear idea on how much time you want to spend on finishing the renovating project. This will enable the contractor to finish within deadline.
  • Hire a professional contractor who is insured, licensed from a reputed trade association for renovating your home.
  • Analyze how much amount you want to spend for the project.
  • Ask contractor to provide details of project such as what type of materials/products will he be using, and how much amount the project cost. Suppose if contractor's assumption value exceeds your budget then you need to talk with contractor asking about alternate options.
  • Finally, you need to prepare a written document for the project mentioning yours and contractor's names.
However, renovating a home is quite noisy, and risky task. So you need to be patient and wait for end-results.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What are the Factors to Consider While Repairing Your Home?

You need remodeling or renovating your home, when it is not sufficient for the growing family, or you want to sell your home to get a better value, or to change the appearance of the home etc. You may have other reasons for remodeling your home.

Remodeling your home is not just about making the home look good, but also about increasing the comforts, and about making the home safer and secure. Before or while repairing or remodeling your home, take into account the following factors:
  • The first to consider is whether the space you have is completely used by the contractors or not:
    • The total space available in houses today is, generally less compared to the houses that people bought fifty years ago because of various factors such as economy, builder's requirement, and the purchasing power of the person. Therefore, make sure that while remodeling your home, the remodeling company uses all the space that is available in the house. Roofing is also one of the important aspects in remodeling home.
  • Enhancement you need in the house: Whatever enhancement you have in the house is worth or not that you are payed for because only right remodeling company will have economic house remodeling. To check this, make sure that along with the enhancements, your house become stronger, looking better, and provides more comfort and allows you to do more things with the house.
  • How much amount you are paying for remodeling is required only when you are living in it for a longer period or if you own the land and are completely remodeling the house.

How to Choose Kitchen Tiles While Redesigning Your Home?

In every house, kitchen is a very important place to cook food, dine, wash utensils and chitchat with others. So, it is necessary to be very well decorated, and well designed because householders will get a good impression from the outsiders when they maintain it well.

In order to design and decorate a kitchen, the equipment that are needed should be there and a well planning is needed to implement this. If a kitchen is having all facilities, then it is convenient, easily be maintained and there is no doubt that the person who works in that kitchen will have a positive impact and on the other hand he or she enjoys to work every time in that place without any hesitation. So, this is the reason why you should consider each and every thing when designing your kitchen and also make sure that it has all the necessary items to look good overall.

Whether you are renovating or remodeling your kitchen, the first thing to consider is convenience and maintenance. When kitchen get moisture, dirty they need cleaning. If you choose wooden floor in the kitchen, you are very foolish because you will have to keep it away from moisture all the time and cleaning the dirty. However stained wood floor can be an off-putting task. So, to make it convenient, the floor of the kitchen should be water resistant, skid proof and easy to clean.

Natural stone tiles like marble and granite are the perfect choice for your kitchen because they offer convenience and feasibility. These stone tiles are easy to clean and are water resistant. These tiles will never fade or deteriorate by any type of chemicals or detergents. Even though, your kitchen floor is pooled with water spills, you will have less danger because these stone tiles are less slippery and are skid-proof.

If your priority is in terms of looks, then you can look for many stylish kitchen tiles in porcelain. These are available in different styles and colors. These are easy to clean and maintain. These tiles are also available in wooden textures, marble effects and granite effects.

Not only these tiles are available for kitchen floors but also you can apply these tiles to cover the walls of the kitchen for a classic look. Most of the bordered tiles are available to cover the walls of the kitchen. Not only borders, there are number of designs are available on tiles such as pictures of tea pots, cutlery, and crockery on the kitchen tiles.