Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Landscape your Small Home Garden?

There are several ways of landscaping your home yards or gardens. Many people assume that the landscape ideas are applicable only for larger spaces. However, you can also add many landscape ideas for your small home garden.

Planting different varieties of plants is the first part that any one can plan to have in garden landscapes. If you have a smaller space, you can add small-sized shrubs and trees which are perfectly fit in the garden. Adding decks and patios can be a great idea to add some living space to your home or garden. They are the places which provide place for relaxing with family and friends. You can add different kinds of designs of decks or patios. They can be connected to the garden by certain landscaping ideas such as pathway or flagstones.

The other idea of landscaping is to add a pond even if you have small space in your garden. You can even decorate the small pond with right combination of gravels and rocks to give a natural look to the garden. You can even use water and stone structures in your small garden. The garden space having different varieties of flowering plants and shrubs can be separated with fences and walls. Based on your interests and preferences you can use different designs of fences. Apart from these ideas, landscape lighting also makes your garden look much beautiful. You can use energy-efficient solar lights for lightening the garden. Using curves in landscape design ideas can make the small-sized garden look bigger. You should ensure that the curves are connected. These are the different ideas that you can use in landscaping a small garden.
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