Friday, May 7, 2010

Know About Advanced Automation Functions

In addition to the general automation functions there are some advanced automation functions which are used for different processes. Generally they are used for maintaining and safety and performance of the system. Some of the advanced automation functions are: Monitoring safely, maintenance and repair and detecting the errors and recovering them.

Monitoring safely: One of the main reasons of using Automation is to remove the workers form doing hazardous operations which can lead to the loss of the life. However the workers are needed to operate the machines instead of doing that hazardous work. The automated machines are designed safely in order they should not be self destructive. Thus there are reasons to monitor the system safely. They are: 1.To protect the workers 2.To protect the system which is associated with it. Safety monitoring of a system involves safety tracking of the system using the sensors. If there is a hazard then the safety monitoring system responds in either of the ways:
  1. By giving an alarm sound (or)
  2. By reducing the speed of the system (or)
  3. By turning off the automated system.

Maintenance And repair: Modern automation systems are becoming more complex by using the maintenance and repair components. Actually they are the components which are used for the maintaining and reducing the failures. There are three modes of operation which are used for performing this task.

  1. Status Monitoring: Initially in this mode the status of the present system is estimated. It monitors over it by using the sensors or by using the parameters of the system. By using them the current status of the system is being monitored.
  2. Failure notification: This mode comes under procedure when the failure occurs. It compares the present values and the previous values before and after failures.
  3. Recommending for the repair: here after noting the repair, this mode takes the decision how to repair and what are the parts which are to be repaired.

Detecting the errors and recovering them: the error detection can be done using the sensors. The different types of errors can be formed in the production system they are: random errors and systematic errors etc.These can be detected by using the detecting systems and the recovering system is used for recovering the errors.

Thus these are the advanced functions which are necessary for making a system automated.

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