Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What is Internal Recruitment?

Internal recruitment is a process of recruiting people within the organization. It is also defined as the practice of selecting candidates among present company workers to fill a position that becomes vacant. Workers in organization come to know about internal vacancies through many ways. The vacancies are generally advertised within the organization through a variety of media like Staff notice boards, Intranets, In-house magazines / newsletters (for a particular business), weekly staff magazine dedicated completely for advertising jobs within the organization, and Staff meetings.

Internal sources of recruitment in an organization may be current permanent employees, current temporary or casual employees or retired employees or descendants (children) of deceased (expired), disabled, retired and present employees. The Internal recruitment requires power from HR processes, because poor internal recruitment process can lead to dissatisfied managers and employees in the organization. The succession planning with strong and steady performance management are required to ensure the success of the internal recruitment.

Internal job candidate should be familiar to the organization. And the HRM function provides the required background information (qualifications and achievements) for the hiring manager.

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