Monday, June 7, 2010

How To Decorate Home Garden?

A green garden itself gives a beautiful look but some extra modifications can add additional beauty to gardens. Garden is that cool place for family members because it gives sense of comfort and relaxation to them. Decoration of garden is kind of fun and it is quite cheaper. By following modifications a garden can be decorated:
  • Wind-Chimes: Many types of wind chimes are available in the market. These are soothing and very compatible with gardening so, position them in very well manner. These chimes scare the birds and keep them away from fruit bushes.
  • Lights and Lanterns: For hot summer nights a lighting facility is the best option for garden decoration. Candles or lantern are some best examples for this purpose. Solar powered lights are also a good choice because they are free from cables, batteries.
  • Garden Furniture: Comfy chairs for the garden is the basic need for a garden. It is because a person spends almost free time in garden only. So, always look for relaxing furniture so that family members can fully enjoy the outside space.
  • Rock Gardens: A Rock garden with different theme and color scheme helps to decorate garden very elegantly. But it is a heavy physical work since it involves arrangement of rocks in proper manner.
These are the few good ideas which can transform an ordinary garden in to a beautiful garden. Always keep the imagination free and decorate outside space with love and affection.

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