Saturday, April 16, 2011

Primary Materials Used in Construction of Kitchen

It is important for every house owner to choose right type of material for the kitchen cabinet. Most of the kitchen cabinets are made up of wood. Along with the wood there are other type of materials used in making the kitchen cabinet which are given below:

Ply Wood:
It is made up of wood piles, these plies are oriented with their grain direction at varying angles with respect to each other to give the board or panel more rigidity and stability. Generally ply wood is used for shelving, doors and cabinet boxes.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF):
It is another wood product and it is made up of wood fibers which are combined with an adhesive under pressure and formed into boards and panels. These are used for making cabinet doors, shelves and cabinet boxes.

Particle Board:
It is an engineered wood product that is made from wood chips that are combined with an adhesive and fused together into boards and panels.

It is a thin vinyl film that's used to cover cabinet boxes, doors and drawer fronts.

Plastic Laminate:
This is a plastic product and this is made by combining paper and plastic resin together under heat and pressure. These are used for covering cabinet boxes and doors as they provide the surface which can be easily cleaned.

Stainless Steel:
Whole kitchen cabinets can also be made from the steel instead of wood and there are also some manufacturers that produce stainless steel doors for wood cabinets.

This is the another product which is derived from the plastic and this is used to cover the surface of the particle board panels that are used in making cabinet boxes. For the cabinet boxes which are made up of the melamine and wood veneer, melamine is on the inside part of the cabinet and the wood veneer is on the outside of the cabinet box.

Kitchen making involves very serious planning, hence right materials should be used while constructing it.

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