Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How To Make Arrangements for a Garden Party

A garden party is a fun loving thing for nature lovers since it is exposed greatly to the nature. Unlike all formal parties it is quiet casual as well as a great time to spend in the natural atmosphere. These parties does not require more decoration since the garden itself is a beautiful place filled with trees and bushes. However if the party is planned during night it definitely needs some lighting to light up the surroundings. As you move ahead there are few tips which helps in arranging a perfect garden party.

Preparing the garden: Preparing the garden enhances the beauty of the place. Don't make it messy or heavy, keep it sweet and simple. Wisely use the bushes, branches and the shades of the trees in your garden. If you are planning to have a party during day time it is better if you arrange a tent to avoid sun rays and to give some shade. Use natural flowers for your decoration so that it gels up with the theme of your occasion. Remove dried leaves and branches and cut your bushes in to nice shapes.

Menu: Especially in case of a garden party your menu should go hand in hand with your garden theme. Try to use most of the salads and the vegetables in your menu which involves more greenery and made with natural ingredients. For starter, you can use fresh garden salads with plenty of vegetables which are more colorful like the tomatoes, cucumbers and the onions. For main course you can use some soups of different cuisines which again involve some garden vegetables. Choose the deserts with plenty of fruits like fruit tarts, fruit cobbler etc., Popular beverage options for a garden party include lemonade, sweet tea, fruit-flavored water, and so on.

Events: Some fun filling activities which best uses the garden place and the party theme are of great fun. Think creatively and plan accordingly so that you can entertain your guests in a proper way which makes your moment memorable.

Party Favors: Party favors are a kind of thanks giving articles which shows a sense of gratitude towards your guests. They should be in such a way that they should reflect the theme of the party. Offer your guests with a pair of hand gloves, or a packet of rare seeds or a little saplings which completely reflects your theme.

These things when taken in to consideration and arranged properly will make your party memorable.

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