Monday, June 18, 2012

Ideas to Decorate your Living Room

The living room in a house is a place where all the family members of the house spend most of their time to relax, watch TV, discuss on family matters, etc. So it is necessary to make your living room look beautiful so that it gives you a positive, pleasant and divine experience for your mind. Otherwise it can cause stress, strain and negative signals to the mind. Based on the size and proportion of a living room, living room can be decorated. Below are some of the tips to decorate your living room.

Too much furniture in the living room occupies space and looks worse. If a living room is so small, avoid some of the furniture that is not needed. Or change it to multifunctional furniture by adding hidden shelves as storage. If you plan according to the space of a living room before purchasing the furniture, you will have some space to arrange remaining items.

Use light shaded paints on the walls of a house which give you a soothing effect and also make the space look bigger in case of smaller houses.

Make the walls storage hidden shelves in order to store lots of things which you don’t want to throw away.

Hanging your family and friend photos on a wall will make you remember your old memories and make you smile and happy.

Placing a greenery pot plants in the living room gives you fresh air besides giving you pleasant and soothing effect.

Carpets on a floor give an additional feature for stylish look.

Placing scented candles, will spread the sweet fragrance around the house.

Using of curtains will also make the living room look good and it also avoids dust particles to come inside the house. These are some of the ideas to decorate the living room.

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