Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are Georgian Conservatories?

Different styles of conservatories can be built in order to add extra living space to your home. One among them is Georgian conservatory. The Georgian style was a style of the eighteenth century, especially from the reign of King George I who ascended the throne in 1711, into the reign of King George IV. Later, the architecture of Greek and Roman was combined with the original style. So a unique feature is given to a Georgian conservatory.

The Georgian design was typical in residential settings. It included a red brick house having courses and cornices with white stone and trimmings of white painted woodwork. It has still been in use these days. A Georgian conservatory made of oak on a dwarf brick wall can be installed in your home.

The conservatory generally has three sides or facets. It gives a rectangular or square shape from the above. This style can enhance you to maximally use the internal floor area. The handy shape of the conservatory is suitable for laying out furniture with plants and no wasted space. A spectacular vault like look is given to the conservatory by the high, sloping roof style. Glass was found to be expensive at earlier times and hence was not used in building a Georgian conservatory. However, today you can build the conservatory with light and airy glass. A combination of traditional style with modern features of glass gives a new look to your home.

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