Monday, November 17, 2008

James Bond to Overcome Previous Failure

The new Bond movie is rocking the movie theaters with all those exciting fantasies of James Bond. The 22nd movie of the Bond series is produced with a hefty budget of $230 millions.

The new bond Daniel Craig, though averaged in his debut, has fared well in the second movie. Casino Royale, though not received as great as previous Bond movies, did well at box office with a collection of $600 million world wide. No bond movie has ever collected such amount.

Quantum of Solace is first ever in the history of Bond movie series to continue the story line with its previous one. I felt that Casino Royale must have messed up with its story line and that is why many things were left incomplete. Even I was one of the critics of the movie. I didn’t know that the producer has planned to come up with such a marvelous sequel for the movie. And the most amusing thing in the movie is the odd relation ship between Bond girl and James bond.

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