Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some ants can kill humans

Ants are very small creatures. But they can be so dangerous sometimes. If you don’t believe me then you haven’t had an encounter earlier with fire ants. You can have them in any fire ant-infested area.

Ants aren’t dangerous individually. What makes them most dreadful is that they live all together in large groups. Each group is the size of a kingdom. And it is obvious that you have no fear when you are in such a big army. When they are attacked the first thing they do is sting the attacker. It is our luck that our domestic fire ants do not possess much venom. But when they sting you feel fire, which is why they are named fire ants.

There are some ants with some quantity of venom that can kill even humans. I hope you have ever heard of Army ants. They move in very large groups and ready to tackle any living being.

Almost all the stinging ants possess kill or die attitude. So be careful dealing with ants.

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