Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Microsoft Not Interested In Buying Yahoo

After its breakdown of a mighty deal with Google, Yahoo faces a rejection form Microsoft. The CEO of Microsoft Steve Balmer said that they are not ready to go back to Yahoo again revising its bid.

Microsoft seems to hurt a lot after Yahoo declined to give up to this software giant. But had Microsoft shown a little interest in a comeback of bidding, there are possibilities that it can have Yahoo at low price than its previous bid of $44.6 billions. It is the hope of the Google’s deal that made Yahoo not to give up to Microsoft. Now as Google deserted Yahoo, it has to tie up with someone or the other to overcome its tough times.

AOL is also in the queue to tie up with Yahoo. But it is about Microsoft that I am thinking of. It acquired MSN, and now it acquires Yahoo; it is obvious that Microsoft has so much money but no proper idea on how to use it in innovation. I wonder where this acquiring strategy of Microsoft leads it to.

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