Thursday, February 17, 2011

SMS Marketing Software

SMS Marketing is a marketing technique which is growing rapidly. It is useful to many businesses and is available to wide range of customers. SMS means Short Messaging Service, and is also called as alphanumeric paging or text messaging, or mobile messaging. Generally an SMS contains less than 160 characters and the SMS is delivered directly to the customers. SMS Marketing has become an effective means of communication and a business can be promoted by conducting the SMS marketing campaigns.

Business and social organizations can promote their product and send recruitment notification by using cost effective marketing software. Software provides full support to all major brand GSM cell phones. The simplest and easiest way in which a business campaign can take place, is to send bulk SMS through SMS marketing software. PC to mobile SMS sending software helps in being in touch with the customers, clients, suppliers by sending group text messages to GSM and CDMA mobile phones. This marketing application provides solution for business marketing, product promotion or sending job alerts for recruitment selection. Tools used in this software provide facility to enter contact numbers. Utility helps in sending message to unlimited contacts at a single instance.

An Application Programming Interface (API), a set of rules and specifications that a software program has to follow to access and make use of the services, makes it easy for developers to send and receive ad-supported messages form any website.

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