Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cascading Barrel Fountains for Gardens

A cascading barrel adds attraction to the place where it is placed, either it may be indoor or outdoor. Barrel fountains are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Their sizes may range from several barrel units to large fountains created from numerous stacked barrels which cascade several steps.

Cascading barrels are available in numerous styles and they may include simple half barrels which is made from half whiskey or wine barrel. A spigot is a type of cascading barrel which resembles an old cast iron hand pump. In a spigot barrel fountain, water is made to flow from spigot in to the barrel. With the use of an electrical pump, water is recirculated in to the spigot again. A stacked barrel fountain is made of stacking uptwo or more half barrels either of same size or different sizes on one another. These stacked barrels may be tilted to provide spilling from one to the next, or they may contain a spout.

These cascading barrel fountains can be built in the home or purchased from the outside. Making of these barrels is a simple process and it is less expensive than purchasing of these barrels from outside. First choose a half barrel and a liner may be applied to increase the life of the barrel. Place some bricks at the bottom of the barrel and also place a small pump on the bricks which helps in circulating the water. Attach a hose and this will go through whatever is used to create the spout. This should be levelled. Then place the water in the barrel and connect electric pump to the plug. Your barrel fountain is ready now.

These barrel fountains can be purchased at different stores, but it is better to purchase them through online as the online retailers provide these barrels in many different styles and sizes.

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