Thursday, June 30, 2011

Types of Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds are made up of different materials like grass, bamboo and read. Some traditional bamboo blinds are used with the same color of the bamboo but now they are available in different colors by artificial dying and with the help of some chemicals. Since they are made up of natural materials they add a very natural look to your home and are very easy to clean.

Bamboo blinds are easily adjustable so that we can vary the required amount of light. Unlike wooden blinds, bamboo blinds are of high quality which can be available at less cost. They are suitable for any kind of room and are eco friendly also.

There are different kinds of bamboo blinds which are available in different styles, colors and patterns. There are two major types of Bamboo Blinds. They are the Roman Type and the Roll Up type.

Roman Bamboo Blinds: These bamboo blinds are vertical blinds and can be folded in the upward direction. These Roman Bamboo blinds are very popular since they are easy to manufacture and can be found in any place. They look very nice on the windows and gives an ethnic look to the room. They are operated by pulling them up and down.

Roll up Bamboo Blinds: These are another type of bamboo blinds which are also very popular. They are best suited for the out doors like the patios. These blinds are self explanatory. Roll up blinds are very easy to operate. You can have the light completely or partially depending upon the requirement from these roll up blinds.

Before going to purchase any kind of blinds it is important to measure the area of the windows so that you can select a best fitted one. Especially for blinds it is important to measure the inside mount of the window.

Even though these blinds look delicate they are very durable and resistant. If you want to make them pest resistant some chemical treated bamboo blinds are also available.

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