Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Decorate Your Home with Barrel Planters

Many of us may think that barrels are only used for wine making. Of course they are true, but only up to some extent. But they should also know the fact that barrels do have some particular life span after which they are not useful for wine making. Then what will the wine makers do with the barrels, whose life time is completed. They will definitely sell them. So, what can we do with that barrels is our issue here. Those barrels can be used for decorating our homes and offices. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, we can create some master pieces with these barrels. Let us see how we can do a barrel planter with a wine barrel.

Once the spring arrives you can find some wineries selling these used wooden barrels. If you can get one you can create wonders with it. In order to make a barrel planter you need to cut your barrel in to half so that you can make two planters at a cost of one. Two types of planters can be made with the way you cut your planter. The most common of the two is created by cutting your barrel horizontally. These horizontal barrel planter are round in shape and come in different sizes. Similarly if you cut your barrel length wise or vertically you can create a vertical planter which is also called as trough planter.
After cutting the barrel, it is better to place the planter in the required location because it is difficult to move the planter once you fill it with soil and water. The location should have partial sun light. A hole has to be drilled at its bottom for water drainage. Then a layer of stone or gravel are to be added followed by soil. Mix the soil with some fertilizer to get high yield. Now you can plant some plants of your choice. You can also arrange some stones around this barrel to make it look more interesting.

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