Saturday, May 21, 2011

Building a Bullnose Verandah Adds Value to Your Home

As a way of improving your home, you can add different designs of verandahs. The traditional design of veranda includes a bullnose roofing which adds the aesthetic value. A bullnose verandah is directly joined to the exterior of the home. It can run along the length of the home. Its width can vary based on the space available.

The roof of a bullnose verandah is made of curved iron available in various colors. You can choose a specific color that best suits the features of your home. Thus, the old properties of the house can be given a new look by a colored bullnose verandah. Designing a proper plan for a bullnose veranda is very easy. Ensure that you provide an adequate height for the veranda. The width and the deck material used make an impact on its height. Assure proper spacing by use of recommended bullnose rafters that support the curved iron. If you do not use the rafters, it can result in a sagging roof. Decorative timber components can be used for final finishing of the verandah.

Some manufacturers provide Do-It-Yourself(DIY) verandah kits. So you can make use of these kits that provide all the requirements for building it. A bullnose verandah thus can add value to your home at low cost.

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