Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home Extension Carport or Garage

Home extension is intended for providing additional space for various purposes. Building a carport or a garage is one of the ways of home extension. Protection of a car from storm damage is the main aim of building a carport or a garage. The exterior paint of your vehicle can be shaded due to harsh sun rays. So you need to add a carport to your home to avoid it. Otherwise, the value and condition of your car can be declined.

The planning permission for building a carport or a garage can vary at different places. Carports are considered as temporary structures and mostly do not require planning permission in the UK. However, it is important to get the permission if any part of the garage is near the road. Planning authorities should therefore be checked when you plan to build a carport or a garage. No building regulations are applicable for carports provided they are single storey buildings which are more than one meter from the boundary and made of non-combustible materials. Glass reinforced plastic is mostly used for building carports. They may be free or attached to the side of a house or a garage. It is supported by pillars.

Garages are more flexible to use than carports. The flooring of a garage should be arranged in such a way that any water present drains away. Proper foundations and walls are to be built for a garage. Different styles of garages like rustic-styled wooden clad garages and coach-house style open fronted garages can be built. These days ready-to-assemble garages are also available that can be placed directly in your home.

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