Thursday, May 26, 2011

Factors to be Considered While Managing an Efficient Restaurant Renovation Budget

Every renovation project should begin with a fixed budget and you should establish the parameters of the project. A restaurant renovation can range from a full building renovation, including flooring, furniture, equipments, etc. The main objective of the renovation of restaurant is to give rise to a fresh and clean restaurant.

While renovating your restaurant, you have to choose the materials which will last for long time , as modifying again and again will negatively impact your business. So, you have to consider certain key factors that will help you to reduce your budget without compromising on the quality. Those factors as follows:

a. Material durability:
While renovating the restaurant, you have to choose long lasting materials. Installing durable hardwood flooring in the lobby and dining area can create an inviting ambience for your customers. For easy maintenance, use commercial hardwood flooring. Many types of commercial flooring have high moisture resistance. And these flooring can adapt to all different kinds of interior decors with minimal upkeep and maintain a lustrous look. Flooring systems that resist scratching, denting, staining, fading and cigarette burns, Can be installed over existing vinyl, linoleum, wood, chipboard, and concrete flooring.

Using durable material may be an extra cost for today, but prove to be cost effective later in the future, as normal quality material will result in continuous repairs, all through its life time, which will impact your business as maintenance costs increase. Therefore, choose a long lasting material.

b. Quality furniture:

Use good looking and quality furniture in your restaurant to attract the customers. When customer feels comfortable to spend on your restaurant, your business increase automatically. Typically, low quality dining furniture is easy to break and require constant maintenance, which will result in increase of operational costs. Therefore, it is better to spend more money up front buying quality dining room furniture like chairs, tables and many other objects.

c. Kitchen equipments:

Most of the commercial kitchen equipment seem to last a lifetime. However, the most heavily used pieces of equipment tend to break down repeatedly over time. Running an efficient kitchen requires, good functioning equipment to prepare quality meals. The renovation budget should include required capital to cover the cost associated with replacing the most needed worn-out pieces of equipment. Efficient kitchen management requires functional appliances to produce quality food that keeps customers coming back.

Renovation cost may be high for a restaurant, but operational and maintenance cost will be reduced by using quality and durable equipments. If you choose poor quality equipment, it may cause to stop business when undergoing repairs. This will lead to reduced customer satisfaction.

Hence, it is better to use good quality equipments for renovating a restaurant.
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