Saturday, May 28, 2011

Want to Build a Rock Garden in Your Home?

miniature garden
Landscaping is found to change the entire look of your home. Many people opt for grass, flowers, and trees as a means for landscaping. Are you also planning to add some landscape features to your home? Then opt for a unique model of rock garden. It is ideal for filling up the spaces in the landscape or an area that is suitable to accommodate any other type of garden. It can be arranged in a hilly, slope or any other place of uncontrollable dirt. The main purpose of building a rock garden is to make such areas beautiful.

When you plan to build a rock garden, first you need to prepare the ground. It is to be made in such a way that water can run off properly during downpours. It should not allow to tilt or slide the rocks when you walk on. Then a proper plan is to be made on its design. You can consult a professional for the design and execution to create a rock garden with slabs of stone or rock.

Natural rocks and stones best serve the purpose of a rock garden. You can find different beautiful stones in your garden or get them from a specialist. Varieties of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs can be added to the garden. However, when planting you need to ensure that flat rocks are stacked around them to allow water flow to the roots. It is good to choose plants that require low maintenance. Select smaller species which prefer dry soil. When you are using stones, make sure that they are grounded well to make them look natural.

If you have a larger space, you can create sprawling, natural rock gardens. However, it is better to stick to a round raised bed made of selected rocks if you have smaller space. Based on the place available, you can also add benches and other garden furniture to rock gardens.

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